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A compound word of Medical and Mecca, Medimecca.
It is meant to grow high as a medical center.
The logo is a combination of oral structure and medical technology.
It is symmetrically constructed to give a stronger and more harmonious feel.
The symbolic blue of Medimecca means faithfulness and trust.


‘Chaorum’ means ‘Soar’ in Korean.
The logo was simbolized that soaring magpie bring a teeth to customer because the magpie is tooth fairy in Korea.

Step. 1

About Baby Tooth, there is an interesting custom passed down for a long time in Korea.
It says that people throw the teeth onto the roof when are pulled out. They believe that Magpie goes biting the teeth and bring new one.

Step. 2

In childhood, most of Korean have memories that their mother tied loose teeth as thread, pulled them out and threw the teeth onto the roof saying “Magpie please bring my child a new tooth.”
The memory recalls us that we also prayed for Magpie-tooth Fairy like their mother.

Step. 3

With whole heated mind of the little child desiring tooth to Magpie. Chaorum implant will be the Magpie-tooth Fairy for you and bring you new teeth as firm as rooted tree.

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