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What is Implant?


It is called pontic or the third tooth.

When you lose your teeth, the implant refers to healing treatments by using harmless material to human body that are not only, fill the empty space, but also to function of teeth.

Strong point

  • Do not need dental extraction of dentulous, can be recovered partial anodontia.
  • Better masticatory force and dental esthetics than dentures.
  • Delay loss of ulitis by filling part of toothlessness.
  • Semi-permanently.


Complete superolateral of tooth by covering crown, which made by artificial to be in harmony with the tooth.
Abutment: Supporting and connecting with screw between crown and fixture.
Fixture: Playing rule as tooth root by planted to substitute missing tooth.

How to treat implant?

  • Inserting fixture and then covering gum when ulitis of tooth removed filled.
  • It is called primary operation, it takes about 2~6monthes after insert fixture.
  • Building gingiva up with healing abutment when perfectly fixture is fixed on bone.
  • It is called secondary operation, it takes time about 1~3monthes.
  • Connecting fixture and abutment to make impression after removal healing abutment when gingiva is built.
  • Connecting fixture and pontic, which made by making impression.

Implant treatment period

Due to differences in patients, there is a need for sufficient consultation and check up with dentist.

Post-procedure precautions

  • Avoid solid and tough food.
  • Always keep clean and visit dentist for a regular checkup on tooth.
  • Prosthetic and fixture may be broken when use these long times. On this occasion, subduct broken part and insert new implant again when bone was treated enough to do.
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